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We offer a full line of individual and group life, self-funded and partially self-funded (MERP) medical, dental, and vision plans, long term disability, and short term disability products. We have Prescription Card Benefit programs available with very good Prescription Benefit Managers. We provide a Hospital "Gap" plan that reimburses the employee's out of pocket for hospital expenses allowing the plan to reduce premiums by way of greater out of pockets. We also administer Flexible Benefit (Section 125) plans.

What is Self-Funding and Excess Loss Coverage?
The employer's benefit plan for medical, dental, vision, and short term disability income is funded by the employer rather than an insurance company. The employer establishes an account to fund claims. Small and medium size employers may buy excess loss coverage to protect the plan against a catastrophic claim (specific coverage) and against an unusually large number of smaller claims (aggregate coverage).

What is included in our service?

  • Insurance coverage (fully insured or Stop Loss) placement.
  • Employment benefit meetings if desired.
  • Market review, benefit and claim analysis at renewal.
  • Plan Description preparation.
  • Prescription Benefit Manager services.
  • A discount vision service may be provided at no additional charge.
  • Enrollment maintenance and monthly premium billing.
  • Cobra /HIPAA notices and administration.
  • ASO and excess loss claims administration for medical, dental, vision, and weekly income benefits.
  • Preferred Provider Organization contracts.
  • Partially self-funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan “MERP” administration (we administer the employers share of a fully-insured plan with a high out of pocket).
  • Fully insured individual and group term life, medical, dental, vision, weekly income and long term disability plans.
  • Work place voluntary employee benefits.
  • Flexible Benefit Plans (Section 125). The employee’s out of pocket for medical claims can be automatically transferred from the medical claims file to the Flexible Benefit Plan file at the employee’s request.
  • Online access to enrollment and claims information with extensive reporting capabilities.